11 Ways To Have SEX When You Travel (NSFW)

by imkml

Over the past 7 years, I’ve traveled for thousands of kilometers and have met many desperate and timid individuals and groups. Being a traveler and wondering like nomad often means changing your companion more frequently than your underwear. You experience constant frolics or shagging in a sleeping-bus compartment, passionate french kiss at the roadside corner, blowjob on trails, trying to sleep while knowing the couple below you are doing it in nirvana style. Without going into a deep discussion or naming somebody, here I’m recommending a few easy ways to have sex and get laid when you travel. (I’m sharing this from a male perspective, some of these ways work for ladies too).

1. Stay in Mix-Dorms: Want to meet a girl while traveling? The easiest way is to stay in mix dorms by doing this, you’re guaranteed to sleep in the same room. Do talk to them. Plan a city tour together. After getting high somewhere, the next thing can be more than just normal roomies.

2. Hostel Staff: Working in a hostel is more than just receiving guests. They live a busy life and there’s no doubt they are having a boring life. Chat with them. If the hostel has female staff, keep talking to them and plan some outing with them too. Do ask them about the city, locations and heritage and fantasy about the place. If she finds you attractive, she might show you her city. Next evening, she might be interested to offer you more than just a tour.
PS: Do it in a storeroom or if there’s a private room available and you won’t be disturbing anyone. Do cross-check she might be fucking the owner also.

3. Red Light Area: There’s also an option of paying for a handjob, blowjob, sex and so on. It’s not my personal recommendation but I’ve met many friends who prefer this. It’s an easy and direct way to satisfy your lust. You can visit a famous red light area and pick-up any girl of your choice at a mutually agreed price. Some countries like Thailand, Netherland have legal sex system while in India and Pakistan, it’s still hard to find a prostitute openly. So you can visit (www.eurogirlsescort.com) and find out your match for the night.

4. Local Community: Local people often visit bars and clubs for socializing and outgoing. Such places also attract local girls and women who like a different type of experiences. They like meeting foreigners and strangers, so stalk them but a cocktail or wine of their choice, listen to their stories and invite them to your hostel for a night out. You can also contact the staff as club staff shag each other and can arrange something for you too.

5. Travel with Travellers: Whenever you travel, your fellow travelers are often single and up for a bit of hanky-panky. Go out with them and make a good bond. From sharing travel stories in the daytime to having dinner together in the evening. By night, you could be groping a set of Himachali tits.

6. Attend Concerts & Cultural Festivals: Do register for local events such as a night out, pub crawls, travelers meet-up, live concerts, festivals and have a great time. If you’re lucky or focused you might spend your night with a local or travelers.
PS: Don’t force anyone. It’s a matter of self enjoy. If your partner isn’t ready for sex. Don’t do. Don’t drink so much that you can’t control yourself. Do use protection of course.

7. Don’t be Choosy: Finding a perfect match is a myth. If you really want to have sex when you travel you have to become more open-minded and think openly. You might be a Hindu and find yourself with a Muslim girl. You might hate curly hair and later fall in love with one. You’re going to meet so many amazing souls while traveling, so stop being so choosy over who you want to go out with. Nobody is above or below you, we are all equal. Trust me, try and experience the sexual acts that other nationalities have to offer.

8. Be Naturist: Some of you might not find it decent advice but at least you’ll get a laugh and a bit of attention from others. I’ve actually done this with female companions in past. Guys, don’t be ashamed of your body, just show off your natural assets.

9. Special Companion: If you are traveling with a girl, sooner or later there’d be the moment when both of you would like to experience your sexual compatibilities. hold her gently in the bus, do wild parties together, support each other, hug, laugh, kiss, and appreciate each other’s efforts. These things can always lead to supporting hands and a bit of pleasure. Better if you go with the flow. Often such relations are known as friends with benefits, special friends or fuck buddies.
PS: There shouldn’t be any regret in life. If you want, do it.

10. School Friend’s City: We all have school or college friends who live in another city alone far away from their families. There work life has made them so boring and dull. You can visit them and live for a couple of days while enjoying the best moments of your life. If you find each other more appealing, you might go on same bad and try the best Kamasutra positions. If they are male too, they will help you hook up with their friends.

11. Take Your Partner Along: Sex is a sacred act between two bodies. You can have sex with a dozen women but there’ll never be happiness or satisfaction until you do it with someone you’re in love with. The simplest way to have sex while traveling is taking your partner, girlfriend or wife along. I personally recommend this as I also believe in this. Love is a sacred, pure, precious and wonderful thing in this entire universe and performing sex with them is one of the best feelings too.
PS: Never ever break the trust of your partner. It’s easy to get someone’s faith but really hard to keep.

Travelers, this article is for those who want to do more than just traveling. I strongly discourage forceful sex and rapes. Also please note making unwanted physical contacts with women is a punishable offense under IPC 354A, however, there are no such laws for men in India. Travelers, I also expect you to be more sensitive while traveling while celebrating the special moments. Keep exploring new destinations. Keep shagging. Good luck and always use condoms and stay safe!

Happy Traveling !!

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Abhishek December 18, 2018 - 11:09 pm

Great article by Mr. Sharma. I will take your advice.

Kamal Sharma December 18, 2018 - 11:51 pm

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you somewhere under the blue sky.


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