6 Travel Hacks You Need To Know Before You Go

I have never met anybody who doesn't love traveling. Traveling is a dream of every corporate professional, goals for wanderer and a classroom with many subjects for backpackers like me. I always travel unplanned so I can face new challenges & troubles to check my endurance. 99% I have been successful while 1% I failed. It happened because I always pack my rucksack in hurry or before just 20 minutes of my departure.

Well, the packing of your rucksack is very essential part of your traveling as your ups - down are completely based on things you carry and don't. Today, I'm sharing 5 Travel hacks you need to know before you go anywhere.

1.  Save Offline Maps
Map | The Travelography
Route and maps are the essential things for a traveler. Do download your maps offline (Maps.Me and now Google Maps has this feature) or you can just carry a printout of the route you are going to follow while traveling.

2. Ziplock Bags
frozen coffee cubes
These bags are very handy in wet areas as these tiny bags can be used to store stinky, oily or wet items. Also, you can inflate them and can use as Air Pillows.

3. Dark Colored Clothes
Monks or kids? Phuktal, Zanskar, India
Don't waste your time on pairing clothes. I suggest to pack as many as dark color clothes, these are very easy to pair with. Or, you can carry neutral colored sweaters which can be paired easily.

4. Tag your costly items
Address Tag
The chances of losing gadgets, wallet or some expensive item are very little but precautions are always better. Just click an image of your name and contact details mentioning how to return it from the camera and write them on small paper and paste it on your belongings. It doesn't guarantee you that you will get your items back but chances of this miracle get increased.

5. Liquid Containers
sauce containers
The spilled liquid is a common packing problem and is often the most troublesome, but this can be averted by adding cling-wrap before putting on the lid or cover.

6. Use Little Space

Many things are bulky to carry but often the have a hollow inside so stuff them with small things like out your socks in your shoes. Empty utensils with raw materials. Camera Bag with battery etc.

If you know or have some more cool, tricks or hacks please do let me know by commenting right below to this article. Click here, if you want to read or download the checklist for backpacking and trekking.

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Happy Traveling

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