These 7 Actions Can Make A Difference To Save Wildlife (Act Now or Never)

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Despite multiple initiatives to boost the population of endangered wildlife animals, their numbers have been on a steady decline. This is not just an Indian problem but a global one. The world is facing the massive problem of illegal wildlife poaching, trafficking, and trading; even the countries with stricter laws and punishments are surviving.

Every year over 30,000 elephants are poached for their ivory, just 4% of wild tigers remain compared to a century ago, an African rhino is poached every eight hours, more than 12 million pangolins have been traded illegally since 2000, making them the most trafficked wild mammal in the world. These figures are registered figures and the real figure might be more.

It is happening because of the lenient law and order, high demand in legal markets and huge money-making opportunities. But how can we solve this problem? Here are five ways you can be a part of the solution to conserving wildlife & nature:

1. Do Engage with conservative communities:

You can contribute in many ways from supporting jungle guards or rangers who risk their lives everyday being a first line of defense in protecting wildlife from the poachers, to donating to NGOs & foundations caring for orphaned and injured wildlife, to supporting high-scaled campaigns to stop wildlife made product’s demand or by writing letters to the government & wildlife reserves to ask them to help save vanishing species.

2. Visit National Park or Zoo:

The money for your ticket/entry is going to help the wildlife economy and promote sustainable tourism.

3. Reduce or Boycott demand:

Don’t buy or endorse the illegal wildlife parts and products. When the buying stops, the killing can too.

4. Learn Wildlife:

The more you will learn about the risk to the wildlife and their habitats and reducing your carbon footprint to keep forest, wildlife, and ocean healthy and intact.

5. Drive Slow In Forest Area:

A black panther or melanistic leopard meets its end as roadkill. Photo by: KFD Honnavar Division.

Whenever you drive through some jungle or wildlife park, try to ride slow. Your vehicle may harm animals.

6. Don’t pollute the ocean/River:

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Whenever you travel near to the beach or river. Try not to throw garbage there.

7. Networking:

Inspire other people to act by spreading words about the issues facing different species and communicating the gravity and urgency of the situation.

You can also contribute to saving wildlife by sharing this article with someone who can contribute to wildlife or with relevant people.

Keep Traveling.

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