Nongriat: A Perfect Destination For Nature Lover

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Have you ever thought of having a home near to the river? A place where you relax near to a freshwater streams? A Place far away from the hustle-bustle of a busy city, less crowded and no one to disturb you? Then Meghalaya’s Nongriat Village should be on top of your bucket list.

Nongriat Village - The Travelography

The Nongriat village attracts thousands of travellers every year because of the famous Double -Decker living root bridge and its existence in the middle of the rainforest in Meghalaya. The living root bridge was crafted by the ancestors of Khasi people about 500 years ago. The bizarre thing is that the bridge is getting stronger every year, while the other metal made bridges are getting weaker. The Meghalaya is the wettest state in India where you can see drizzling or raining throughout the year.

Double Decker Bridge - The TravelographyThough the root bridges are scattered everywhere in the Meghalaya. Jingmaham Living Root Bridge of Mawwlyyong is world famous but the double-decker is the much bigger than that.

Rainbow Waterfalls Nongriat - The Travelography
There is a giant Rainbow Waterfall about an hour walking from the village. You can explore this too.

Nongriat Fresh Water Stream Pond - The TravelographyRight before the Village, there is a big pond where mostly travelers swim & drink.

Nongriat Village - The TravelographyEven there’s a small church where all local folks go for worship.

Bridge Nongriat - the TravelographyIf you love thrill seeker then you should definitely visit the cave which is located within walking distance.

Where is this VILLAGE
Staircase in Nongriat Village - The TravelographyHey wanderer, reaching out to this beautiful village is not an easy task as it is located in the rainforest of Meghalaya. The nearest motorable road to Nongriat is Tryna Village. It is well connected with Cherranpunjee AKA Sohra. You can easily hire a personal taxi can be hired from Cherrapunjee (Sohra) Taxi Stand for Tyrna Village or say, you want to go Nongriat. The driver would charge you roughly INR 250-400 or you can opt for sharing vehicle for INR 100-150,  only if there are fellow travelers going towards Tyrna Village. From there you have to walk down more than 3000 stairs to get Nongriat Village.

Guwahati -> Shilong -> Cherrapunjee/Sohra-> Tyrna Village or Ask you want to go Nongriat Village.

Where to STAY

I didn’t try my personal camping but you can try if you want. Also, there are 3 home-stay available in village where you can stay or have a meal. I stayed at Santina’s Place as she was the cheapest one. She charged me INR 100 per person/per night. She is a Khasi tribal lady. She doesn’t understand Hindi or English but I’m sure she’ll understand whatever your requirements are. You can call her directly for bookings at +91-9615613819 or 8014221725.
PS: Don’t expect fancy rooms.

What to EAT
Sentinas Home Stay - The TravelographyYou can try the local Khasi dishes at this place. You can also get Tea, Coffee, Omelets, Biscuits, Maggi and Beer.

When to GO
Weather In nongriatThe best season is July to September but you can go whenever you want as there is rain all year.

The Travelography’s Tips
Nongriat Village Kids - The TravelographySince the village is located in the wettest state in India. Don’t forget to carry rain court, extra undergarments, mosquito repellent and toilet papers. Do carry whatever you want to eat or drink because you won’t get any shop there.

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