17 Mobile Apps Every Traveler Should Have

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We are a production of the digital generation. If you’re reading this blog, you’re using the internet too. I’ve used the internet from making school projects in my childhood to planning a road trip these days. In other words, it has made 21st centuries life simple and easy. Being a traveler and now a blogger, I use my smartphone more than any other gadget. It is because I can do plenty of things so easily and faster using just a few apps on my Smartphone than a computer. These apps are absolutely free and you should definitely install them if you’re a traveler or someone who use Instagram a lot (like me).

Here are the best 10 apps every traveler should have installed in smartphones.

  1. Couchsurfing: This is a must-have app for travelers as it allows you to meet local travelers in the city you’re going to travel. You can also request for the couch (free). Not just this, if you’re not moving anywhere and want to host, you can do that also. I’ve traveled in many cities and made lifetime traveling friends using this it.
  1. Air BnB: If you’re done with hotels than you can try this app. It helps you in finding a private apartment or home or villa for a short or long period in the city you’re traveling. The homes are really beautiful and give amazing experience, I’ve also experienced it in Delhi.
  1. IRCTC Rail Connect: Traveling in Indian rails is really easy and convenient but getting a reserved seat is really tough. Most of the time the long queues outside the reservation counter sucks. So, you can try this app to book your train ticket on any route anytime anywhere so easily. Also, you don’t have to print out the ticket, this app also offers e-ticket.
  1. Where Is My Train: This is an offline app that tells you about your train’s location using your  SIM’s GPS signals.
  1. Google Trips: Google is a life savior. With the trust of billions of people, Google has introduced this amazing app which allows you to route or plan travel or outing anywhere. Not just this, it also shows the timings, route, transport, how to visit multiple locations in a day etc.
  1. 360 Camera: If you don’t have a 360Degree camera, don’t worry. This app allows you to capture 360degree image for free. You can share these images anywhere online.
  1. PayTM: An Indian PayPal. This app allows you to send/receive money using e-wallet with others.  From a petrol pump to a shop, the PayTM is accepted almost everywhere in India.
  1. Quik:  This GoPro’s app is very useful in editing all kind of videos on smartphones. It has a lot of royalty free music (already in it) which you can use to enhance the audio of your video.
  1. Snapseed: Another app by google I use most. It helps people in editing and making images look more presentable and beautiful. It has almost everything one needs to edit an image.
  1. Soundcloud: I love music and I like listening to music from all around the world. There are more than millions of songs on Soundcloud which can be listened for free. The user can make their own playlist or listen to somebody else’s list for free.
  1. Digital Editor: If you can’t afford, Amazon’s Kindle. This app is for you. You can download .epub format file of your favorite book or writer through torrent and open, read here.
  1. Spark Post: Want to give a personal touch to your posts and stories? This app will help you in doing every that kind of work.
  1. WordPress: This blog is also running on WordPress. I use this app to write, edit, re-edit, upload, and publish my blog by mobile.
  1. Maps.Me: This is a GPS app which allows users to download maps of any city and use that offline. It works perfectly and 30% credit of my all journey goes to this app as it has helped me so many times.
  1. SkyMap: Love stargazing? This offline app is for you. It tells you which stars are placed where.
  1. Hostel World: Love interacting with people or travelers? Want to stay in a hostel but cheap? HostelWorld App is the solution for this. It t helps to find a hostel anywhere at the cheapest price. You can check ratings, filter range and do many other things to filter and customize your search.
  1. Worldpackers: Want to travel more and more? This app is here with thousands of volunteering opportunities. It allows you to find, identify & apply to volunteer in hundreds of country. I’ve personally applied here for a voluntary.

In this blog, I’ve tried to mention all those apps which I have been using  so far. I’ve not mentioned the famous and top downloaded apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. If you are a traveler and use some app which makes your traveling & blogging easier. Do let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Traveling.

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