Mawlynnong – Asia’s Cleanest Village

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The God’s own garden, Mawlynnong is a village where Khasi Tribe of India has been living for years. The village is located in Meghalaya’s western region along the India-Bangladesh Border. It is famous for its cleanliness and alluring natural wonders. Also, this village has been awarded the title of  ‘Cleanest Village in Asia’ in 2003 by Discover India Magazine.

Mawlynnong, MeghalayaThe Khasi tribe follows a matriarchal structure of society. Even the property and wealth are passed from the mother to the youngest of her daughter, who also keeps the mother’s surname.

A house in MawlynnongThe best thing about the village is, there are functional toilets in every home.

@ Mawlynnong, MeghalayaPeople are more educated and the literacy rate of Mawlynnong is above than 90%.

Mawlynnong | MeghalayaYou can easily find bamboo dustbins all over the village. The villagers don’t just clean their home but they also sweep the roads and contribute in the plantation.

mawlynnong asia s cleanest village 2 - The TravelographyThe plastic bags are banned in the village. Smoking is prohibited. All these rules are strictly followed by the people and travellers and the defaulters are charged hefty amount.

mawlynnong asia s cleanest village the living root bridge - The TravelographyYou can also visit the living root bridge in Jingmaham Village (just 2kms from Mawlynong). The bridge has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mawlynnong-4A bamboo bridge from where you can see the Bangladesh in Jingmaham Village.

Where is this VILLAGE
MawllynongIt is located 80kms west from Shillong. Shared taxi is not possible to this village. You will have to hire a taxi from Shilong Taxi Stand to get there. Generally, they charge around INR 800.

Where to STAY
Mawlynnong - MeghalayaThere are very few home stays. You can get a room there for INR 1000/ per night.

What to EAT
mawlynnong asia s cleanest village market - The TravelographyYou can eat the traditional food in Dhabha in the village. Cold drinks, snacks are available in the village. You can get food for INR 200 onwards.

When to GO
Mawlynnong (11) - CopyThe weather in Mawlynnong is pleasant all through the year. The best time to visit Mawlynnong is the monsoon. During the rainy season, village and its surroundings become lush green and picturesque.

The Travelography’s TipsMawlynnong (5) - CopyThe village is located in the wettest state in India. Don’t forget to carry rain court, extra undergarments, mosquito repellent and toilet papers. Do carry whatever you want to eat or drink because you won’t get any shop there.PS: Don’t expect fancy rooms.

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