Make India Garbage Free

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Make India Garbage Free

India is almost drowning in the garbage it generates. From solid urban waste to sewage to chemical or industrial waste – every kind of waste is mismanaged and has become a mammoth problem in the face of rapid urbanization. The urban India is the world’s 3rd largest garbage producer and by 2050 the waste is expected to rise up to 436 million tons.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was officially launched on 2nd Oct 2014 but even after 3 years, we Indians are still struggling to clean up our surroundings. However, Govt claims that they have spent millions of rupees for cleaning & maintaining public places and we all know what the reality is.

The ‘Make India Garbage Free’ is a campaign through which we want to grab our Govt’s attention towards the importance of dustbins at our streets, roads, market, park, public place, public transports and industrial area.

We strongly believe that if we dream of clean India then we must have to start from the beginning of the garbage. Also, we are asking people to sign a petition in order to Make Dustbin Mandatory For All Shops, Street-hawker, Roadside Vendors & Public Transport by GOI and Hon’ble Supreme Court.

We believe if govt enforce a rule to keep a dustbin for wastage then nobody would through the garbage in the dustbin and one day there would be no need of cleaning the streets on every 2nd Oct.

Here’s another sample in which a foreigner blogger sharing her experience.

This campaign is for those Indians who want to throw their garbage but are not throwing because there is a huge shortage of dustbins installed in the streets or roads and if they are then half of them are either damaged or full of trash. The shop we visit have no dustbins. The transport I travel has no dustbin. The food we eat at hawker has no dustbin, therefore, we are forced to throw their garbage openly.

So guys, don’t waste more time anymore. Invite your friends, colleagues, mates  and sign the petition right now at

Let’s #MakeIndiaGarbageFree.


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