Maha Vishnu Trilogy (Part-1) by Arpit Bakshi

Maha Vishnu Purana trilogy is a story about the end of the world and the universe. The highly evolved Manavas have to accept the fact that nothing can last forever. Initially, they use their wisdom and ingenuity to create safe worlds for themselves. But, eventually, they will have to face the Lord of the Universes – Maha Vishnu himself. They will get to know why was the world created and who upholds it. And, they will also have some choices to make. Either to hold on to their beautiful yet fabricated world or let the Universe (Multi-Verse) complete its course of generation and regeneration.

What’s in The Code of Manavas – Part -1

The first part tracks the life and story of a solitary scientist who holds the key to saving the Manava society. He can see a rerun of the earlier apocalypse happening anytime now. Just that, this time it would be completely devastating in nature. His work has now proved beyond doubt that their current Universe has no other place/planet, where any life form can bloom. He is placing all his bet on opening Omechta realms, a key to reaching newer and younger Universes.

Amid all these preparation and challenges, arises an ancient force of evil. Kamsa, born out of relentless greed and Kama (desire) has his own version of rights and wrongs.

The current crisis requires the two conflicting civilizations of Madhavpur & Ayudhpur to come together, and fight the common foe. With Ayudhpur again on talking terms with Krishna’s Madhavpur, he now has more stuff to deal with. His past. His long lost love, Radhika (who happens to be daughter of Ayudhpur’s King). The fate it seems has not only reunited Ayudhpur and Madhavpur but also Krishna and Radhika. Only problem, Krishna has now to work on a war footing to get every last person out of Bhoomi to Prithvi on Universe 1408.

The apocalypse finally starts setting in; one earthquake after another is now ravaging Bhoomi. Along with it all, the Power stations powering the Brahmportation machines are also caving in.

Was Krishna able to save his people? Were Manava able to find a new place to call it their Home?

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The Story continues in yet to be released Part II & III.

Who’s Arpit Bakshi?

Arpit Bakshi (writer)

Arpit Bakshi has earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from prestigious University of RPI, Troy(State of New York) and now works for a prominent Bank in Gurgaon.

It is often said that no matter at what place or stage of life you are at, there is always that one thing which keeps passion kindled in one’s heart. For Arpit that always has been science.

At very young age, Arpit would often sit with his grandfather and his grandfather would read him aloud stories of Russian space programs and other fact books pertaining to cosmos and nature of matter and materials.

Arpit started writing his first book in 2012, then tentatively named as Café Evolution, about the Humans of tomorrow.The basic idea cropped up in his mind, when he was still in US. When he saw and observed that chemicals (food additives etc.) in our food chain were making people chronically sick. How large-scale industrial farming and rearing was depleting nature of its life sustaining nutrition.

What will happen if we humans go about intervening with nature, even in future, as we do today? What will happen if we keep taking our resources such as food, water and clean air for granted, as we do today. Also, what if Earth was only place in known Universe, which was made to host Life. What then happens to our plan to colonize other planets like Mars, when earth finally runs out of good food, water and air?

What if we later realize that God placed us on this planet to improve it and not to deplete it for material comfort?

These were the question will lead Arpit to embark on this journey of writing his first fiction book.

Kamal Sharma Administrator
A traveler, adventurer, offbeat destination explorer, passionate trekker, photographer and a storyteller based in Delhi.
Kamal Sharma Administrator
A traveler, adventurer, offbeat destination explorer, passionate trekker, photographer and a storyteller based in Delhi.

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