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Traveling is the best thing ever happened to me. I started traveling at the age of just 17 years. Ever since I started traveling, I’ve learned so many things which I would have never learned anywhere else.  Now I don’t make bookings, rather I just pack my backpack and travel. Most of my friends, relatives and followers often put this question that how to travel in the budget, how do I manage to travel so frequently? or if there’s any mantra of earning while traveling or saving. So, in today’s post I gonna tell you some useful information which can really help you to travel and living the life you always wanted to live.

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  1. Be Planned: Whenever you think of a travel. Do proper research to get some idea about the destination, accommodation, food, local’s behavior, weather conditions, culture and tradition etc. It’ll help you in making an accurate budget & packing backpack.

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  1. Travel Smartly: Wherever you travel, you’ll find public transports as well as semi-private or shared taxis. I would suggest you use these services rather than booking a whole taxi. In India, a bus or shared taxi would cost you INR 0.50-5 per/km whereas the private vehicle INR 10-20 per/km

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  1. Travel in Night: I always prefer to travel at night as it helps me in saving money and time which I was going to spend in the hostel.

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  1. Ignore Luxuriousness: There’s nothing more luxurious than living in nature so don’t ruin your money over living spurious life. Generally, 4-5 star hotels cost you almost 4-5 times extra than any hostel in India.

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  1. Join Local Community: There are many websites like Couchsurfing, Bewelcome, Trustroots, HospitalityClub, Air BnB etc where you can arrange a meeting with the local traveler, get cheaper and sometimes free accommodation at their home. Also, there’s a group of Indian travelers on Facebook like Travelhood or Himalayan Club where they help almost every member with an open heart. I recommend you join that and post whatever you need to know while traveling.

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  1. Travel in Off-Season: There are many hotels, restaurants and hotel which offers a huge discount in the off-season due to lack of footfall. I would suggest you add those destinations into your bucket list and travel whenever your pocket allows you.

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  1. Don’t Shop: In the beginning, I used to shop a lot while traveling to a particular place and that was the moment when I ended up with no money in my pocket. Actually, I had spent all of my budgets on the things which I would never use in future or maybe gift to somebody else. So please don’t repeat my mistake like me. Spend on things you really need.

PS: I am not discouraging you to shop. You can buy if you really want to gift somebody special.

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  1. Hitchhike: Hitchhiking is not meant for everyone as it takes loads of courage and zeal to ask for a lift. But in India, it’s possible as my country is full of sweet-hearted people. Especially in mountains, you can easily hitchhike between remote places.

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  1. Travel within Group: We all have friends who are from the Mountains, Beach or desert regions so don’t hesitate to ask them for a retreat/host at their home. Also, you can choose to travel someplace where your friend’s relative resides; they can help you with accommodation and journey.

PS: Carry some gifts to create a good impression. 😉

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Join Organizations: There are certain organizations who help you in traveling and accommodation to their registered members across the universe at cheaper & discounted prices. Eg: YMCA Club Mahindra. Also, you can opt for staying in any Hindu Ashrams or Gurudwaras. They charge basic amount and sometimes give it for FREE.

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    1. Volunteering: There are companies that offer to volunteer in exchange for food and stay and sometimes they pay for your tickets as well. Eg: Global Help Swap

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12. Blogging/Vlogging: This is new and trending thing. I started blogging last year and since then I earned good amount. You can just write and share your experience to your audience while some brand or hotels are hosting or sponsoring your travel.

I have tried to mention as much as information I could share but if you feel there aer more ways to travel cheaper than please share those with me by commenting below.

Happy Traveling.

Kamal Sharma Administrator
A traveler, adventurer, offbeat destination explorer, passionate trekker, photographer and a storyteller based in Delhi.
Kamal Sharma Administrator
A traveler, adventurer, offbeat destination explorer, passionate trekker, photographer and a storyteller based in Delhi.

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