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What if there was someone who had followed your path and could remind you wherever you wanted to? What if you could just go back and check your all check-ins to the places you visited in 2017, 2016, 2015?

Well, the technology giant Google introduced a new feature to mobile users called Your Timeline. The feature, which is integrated into the Google Maps app on iOS and Android and available for desktop users, is designed to help users remember where they have been, by tracking their every move.

Your Timeline feature has been available for Android and desktop users of Google Maps since 2015 and introduced for iOS users earlier this year.  The feature is turned on by users automatically after updating the latest version of the Google Maps App.

In other words, Your Timeline is an always-on location tracking feature that checks in on where a user has been by tapping GPS, Wi-Fi and cell tower data in order to create a detailed map of their locations in case they want to retrace their steps on any given day, a feature that could prove handy in some situations.

The timeline feature also shows you, how much have you walked, you spent time in traveling etc.

The Google has also said that a user’s timeline is a private feature so only the user can view it. However, the company does not specify if it collects or uses the data in any way or if that data can be used for any other purposes, like advertising and marketing surveys etc.

You can also view your data at

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