by imkml

I am Kamal AKA Ka Sh. I am a traveler, a trekker, an adventurer, a naturist, a photographer and a storyteller from New Delhi, India. I have been traveling and exploring our beautiful world for more since 2009. As of 4th April, 2020,  I have traveled almost 32 states/UTs in India and 4 International Trips.

In my blog, The Travelography, I write about Accommodation, Travel Hacks, My Adventures, How do I backpack, My Traveling Bucket List, My budget traveling stories, destinations I traveled and I wanna go someday, Offbeat Places, mother nature, our environment, wildlife, fitness, food, Visa and Passport through my personal experience, research and knowledge.

Imagination, courage and zeal are enough to take anyone to anywhere.



I believe that travelling sparks creativity in ourselves. The more I travel the more I feel happy, socialized, friendly, a problem solver, adaptable, smarter, and confident. It has helped me in facing my own fear such as camping alone in jungle, traveling solo, anxiety and depression. The traveling has also awakens the feelings of gratitude inside me. Even it has made me a good leader and a storyteller.

In short traveling has made me feel that I AM ALIVE and I DO EXIST. Probably, that’s the reason I always ask everyone to travel at least once in a while.

Trust me, money is just a matter of comfort, if you really wanna travel you don’t need it.



I want to dance freely from the city clubs to the highways. I want to trek on the mountains. I want to ride bikes and hitchhike in various countries. I want to travel by trains and fly by plane. I want to dive into the ocean and swim along with the fishes. I want to jump from the cliff and dive from the sky.

I also want to make new friends everywhere in the world. I want to capture the people, things I use and places I go. I want to live every second of my life by travelling on this planet or maybe someday in the galaxy. I want to be able to think unbiased or neutral. I want to look at a map and be able to remember how I have been transformed by the places I have been to and the people I met on my journey and the things I have experienced.

If you do imagine mountains in your thoughts than you should definitely go there.


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