From The Great Alpine Lakes of Kashmir Trek.


I am Kamal aka Ka Sh. I am a traveler, trekker, adventurer, naturist, photographer and a storyteller from New Delhi, India. I have been backpacking and exploring the World for more than 7 years now. Hitherto, I have traveled almost 73% of India.

In The Travelography, I blog about Accommodation, Adventure, Backpacking, My Traveling Bucket List, Budget Traveling, Destinations, Offbeat Places, Nature, Environment, Wildlife Fitness and Health, Food, Passport and Visa and My Crazy Travel Tales through my personal experience and knowledge.


Imagination, courage and zeal are enough to take anyone to anywhere. – Kamal


Why Traveling?

Trekking the top cliff in Mukteshwar, Uttrakhand

I want to adapt positivity from this beautiful world and become a part of the different group of people, culture, tradition, and their society.

I strongly believe that Travelling is the best way that sparks creativity, makes you feel happy, social, friendly, a problem solver, adaptable, smarter, and confident. It helps you face the fears. It also awakens the feelings of gratitude inside us. Even the traveling can transform you into a good leader and a storyteller. Travelling makes you feel alive and that is the reason I

always ask everyone to travel at least once in a while.


Trust me, money is just a matter of comforts, if you want to travel you don’t need it. – Kamal

What do I want?

I want to dance crazily from the city clubs to the highways. I want to hike mountains. I want to ride a bike and drive trucks. I want to travel by trains and cycle. I want to dive into the deep blue ocean and swim along with fishes. I want to jump from the sky and fly with the birds.

I also want to make new friends everywhere in the world. I want to capture the people, things, and places I go. I want to live each second of my life by traveling on this planet. I want to see things every time with the different point of view. I want to look at a map and be able to remember how I was transformed by the places I have been to and the people I met and the things I have experienced.

The best thing about traveling is, you learn sharing. - Kamal

Media Mentions

Kamal has also appeared in mainstream media for his contribution in the traveling community in India. The media who have covered him are

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